What if, people who eat more chocolate can have lower rates of heart attacks, heart failure, and even death from heart disease? Is it too good to be true? All the chocolate lovers shall get even deeper in love with chocolates supporting heart care.
Bliss specialty ingredients adds value and make it possible for chocolates to deliver heart health.


When it comes to preserving and improving brain function, we need all the help we can get. What better it would be if the chocolates we love can also support our Brain Health.
Bliss Ingredients make it possible that intelligence or other measures of high brain function are actually improved by the consumption of chocolate ?


As children, the rule of thumb when it came to chocolate was elation before hesitation. As adults the inverse is more often the case. That’s because chocolate’s hefty levels of calories, sugar, and fat have placed it to the top of the “foods to avoid” and “special occasions only” lists.
Bliss Ingredients help reduce the guilt and make the chocolates supporting body toning.


Keeping your energy levels steady is important if you’re feeling exhausted, so it’s always preferred not to opt for a sugary snack such as chocolate. People don’t realize that eating chocolate can be transformed to give you a quick, natural energy boost. Plus, in moderation, it won’t be as bad for you as you think.
With Bliss specialty ingredients make your chocolate capable of giving clean energy also supporting weight loss.


Conventional wisdom tells us that chocolate can be a problem for our weight and our health as Chocolate is high in calories, sugar, and fat. And eating a lot of it will cause weight gain. But a chocolate made with Bliss research may actually provide slimming benefits.
Bliss specialty ingredients can make your chocolate capable of supporting weight loss and slimming.

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