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Bliss Lifesciences LLP has been incorporated with a noble idea to add value to everyday food & ‘Eliminate The Sins’ from it by fortification through high efficacy plant based and vegetarian dietary supplements. Bliss is known for its Disruptive Innovation in health & food supplement industry. With research imbibed in its core, powered by hundreds of Graduate & Post Graduate students pursuing Life Sciences in our affiliate Softvision Research Institute (A Govt. Of India Funded Research College), fresh flow of ideas is ensured for decades to come with rigorous research efforts of many university professors, scientists & thousands of students. Mission: To provide high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions to all individuals and communities, and improve health globally. Vision: To be the leading provider of innovative, research backed customer-centred formulations & to bring preventative care to the forefront. Our vision is “Healthcare… Not Sickcare!ˮ.

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